Nitrogen determination at trace levels
    according to Dumas method


    detection limit of 10 mg/kg


    10 years warranty on
    furnace and detector

rapid MICRO N cube

Matrix independent determination of N at trace levels

The rapid MICRO N cube measures low level nitrogen concentrations with a detection limit of 10mg/kg of a wide range of samples. Its specialty: nitrogen determination is carried out using the Dumas method, after reduction of the oxides of nitrogen the resulting N2 is measured using a thermal conductivity detector.
Until now such low level concentrations were measured via oxidation to NO followed by chemiluminescence detection, the disadvantage of this method is NO formation is matrix dependent which results in method error and the need for matrix dependent calibration. The rapid MICRO N cube offers the matrix independent Dumas method in combination with high sensitivity.



Samples digestion is by catalytic combustion at a temperature of 950°C, the nitrogen containing components in the sample form a mixture of N2 and oxides of nitrogen, other combustion products formed i.e.  water, oxides for carbon and sulphur are chemically removed.  The resulting gases then pass through the reduction tube, where they are safely reduced to N2 and measured by thermal conductivity detection.
The system is designed for easy, low maintenance operation; matrix independent analysis allows the use of a standard ‘universal’ calibration for any sample type. The front door of the analyzer opens to give excellent access for replacement of consumables exchange of combustion and reduction tube is particularly easy due to the slide out furnace.
Elementar gives a 10 year warranty on both the furnace and thermal conductivity cell, thus emphasizing the stability of the system.

rapid MICRO N cube with monitor
Sample feeder
vario MICRO cube with open door
Purge and trap column
vario MICRO cube with open side door
Manual pressing tool
vario MICRO cube with furnace pulled out
Oil barrels