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  • BiovisION

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Our solution for scientists working in the food industry

As the supply chains that deliver food stuffs to our doors grow ever more complex it becomes more difficult to ensure that we can trust those foods. Stable isotope analysis can detect fraudulent adulteration of premium and protected foods using their uniquely inherent isotope signature as well as confirming the true origin of ingredients. This helps guarantee the safety of the public as well as the future of these culturally important foods.

  • Almost 50% smaller instrument than any other currently available
  • Straightforward analysis and intelligent control for incredible ease of use
  • Significantly reduced consumption of laboratory resources Good-For-Go control significantly reduces instrument contact time.
  • 100V amplification for large dynamic range samples
  • Automatic gain switching for isotopically enriched sample analysis
  • Advanced purge & trap chromatography for exceptional separation of combustion gasses
  • Zero blank ball valve sample introduction for low concentration nitrogen analysis
  • 120 position sample carousel which can be added to in real time
  • 10 year furnace warranty
  • Auto sample dilution

BiovisION is a complete solution for stable isotope analysis for
Food analysis and comprises of these modules:


  • isoprime visION stable isotope analyzer
  • centrION monitoring gas handling and inlet interface system
  • ionOS® BiovisION operating license for acquisition and data processing
  • vario ISOTOPE cube elemental analyzer for N, C & S isotope analysis
  • Amplifier gain switching for enriched isotope analysis
Icon Small Footprint

Small Footprint

Almost 50% smaller than any other commercial stable isotope analyzer


Icon Ease-of-use


Good-For-Go control allows one click instrument set-up


Icon Advanced Data Analysis

Advanced Data Analysis

The most powerful stable isotope data processing software ever created


Icon Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

Instrument sleep/wake-up functions for reduced consumption of resources