09/27/2016 - News Isoprime

Sulfur isotopes in tree rings

New applications note demonstrates how our Advanced Purge & Trap technology delivers unbeatable separation of CO2 from SO2 when analyzing S34 in wood fibres, as well as N15 and C13.

Tree rings

The main challenge for sulfur isotope ratio analyses in wood is the very low abundance of sulfur relative to carbon. With traditional isothermal chromatographic techniques complete baseline separation of carbon and sulfur peaks is difficult. The advanced purge and trap technique (APT) of GeovisION guarantees baseline separation, even for extreme element ratios, resulting in high precision stable isotope analysis of these challenging sample types. In grateful collaboration with Dr Peter Wynn @ Lancaster Environment Centre, UK, we have created the documents below demonstrate how you can take advantage of APT techology for your laboratory.


Wood Analysis
Application Note: High performance sulfur isotope analyses in tree rings
Data Bulletin: Determination of the sulfur isotopic ratio in wood using GeovisION
Data Bulletin: Determining the nitrogen and carbon isotopic composition of wood using GeovisION
Brochure: GeovisION Brochure
Brochure: vario PYRO cube Brochure