04/25/2018 - News Elementar UK

New stable isotope consumables catalogue

We are proud to announce our new catalogue for spare and consumable items for the IRMS product lines, including inlets and legacy instruments.

Catalog Stable Isotope Analysis 2018

We have created a catalogue which contains the spares and consumables items for the IRMS product line. This includes:

  • isoprime visION & isoprime precisION
  • vario ISOTOPE select, vario ISOTOPE cube, vario PYRO cube elemental analyzers
  • GC5
  • LiquiFace
  • iso FLOW
  • iso TOC cube
  • Dual Inlet
  • IsoPrime/IsoPrime100 IRMS
  • MultiFlow
  • Trace Gas 

The spare and consumable items are broken down by instrument and are grouped into easy to understand sections making it easier for you to find the items that you need. 

Spare and consumables catalogues are also available for our organic and inorganic elemental analyzers.

To view the consumables catalogues, click here