10/05/2016 - News Elementar

Explore Isoprime's Citation Database

Introducing our Citation Database where you can see some of the exceptional research our customers are creating.

Infographic "A world of applications"

IRMS covers a whole world of applications, which is why we enjoy working so closely with our customers. Across all of these application areas, our customers are continually publishing excellent research using our instrumentation and now we have gathered many of these publications into a database.

Despite the huge number of citations in the database, you can search very easily with the help of filters for isotopes, applications and products; helping you to quickly reach the data that is relevant to you and your research. Search results can swiftly be emailed to you and your colleagues so that you can now see just how successful our customers are in their research.

Using the publications in our citation database, we have generated a fascinating infographic to show how our IRMS instruments are being used across such a broad range of exciting applications.  Want to know what the most common isotope analyses are with our instruments? Or which peer-review journals they are publishing in? Then 
take a look at our infographic here.

Click here to 
explore the citation database for yourself.