04/09/2018 - News Elementar

Combustion analysis has never been easier

Elementar introduces the most universal and easy-going instrument for combustion elemental analysis of CHNS + O and Cl at analytica 2018

Micro elemental analyzer UNICUBE

Our new elemental analyzer UNICUBE stands for high-performance micro elemental analysis and sharpest peaks.

In the spotlight of Elementar at this year’s analytica in Munich will be UNICUBE® – the new instrument where micro elemental analysis has never been easier.

UNICUBE is suited for multiple tasks such as the determination of CHNS with the additional option of detecting oxygen and chlorine. It has a large dynamic measurement range from 0.1 mg chemical substance to 1 g inhomogeneous soil. This novel elemental analyzer is based on high-temperature combustion via oxygen jet-injection directly into the combustion zone which guarantees quantitative conversion of the sample to measuring gas and enables matrix-independent results. For highest reliability and performance in gas separation, UNICUBE utilizes Elementar’s proprietary and improved direct Temperature Programmed Desorption technology. This technology paired with a state-of-the-art thermoconductivity detector allows determining samples with C:N and C:S elemental ratios of up to 12000:1.

UNICUBE is a low maintenance, tool-free, and especially low noise level instrument – optimized to simplify daily routine operation. The novel self-regulating cooling air circulation makes UNICUBE to the quietest elemental analyzer in its class. In addition, it is equipped with a 120 position autosampler, enabling an unattended 24/7 operation.

Learn more about the new UNICUBE and its advanced features at the Elementar booth at analytica 2018, hall A2, booth 311.

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