11/14/2016 - News Isoprime

Customer Training Course in Shanghai

We recently delivered a three day training course for our customers in China

Group picture of participants of the Elementar customer training course in Shanghai

Isoprime Chinese Training 2016

Classroom presentations at the customer training course in Shanghai

Classroom presentations

Laboratory based sessions at the customer training course in Shanghai

Laboratory based sessions

In early November we held a three day training course covering carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis using the elemental analyzer for our customers in China. The training course was held at the Chinese Academy of Science for Nutritional Research in Shanghai who kindly hosted the training course and allowed us to use their excellent facilities. 

The training course brought together almost 20 customers from a diverse range of application areas focussing on EA-IRMS. Over the three days a lot of ground was covered. The first day was predominantly classroom based with introductory theory and discussion. On the second day the trainees were divided into two teams allowing one team to have some hands-on instrument training with Dr Rob Berstan (Isoprime Applications Scientist) whilst the other team were given instrument maintenance training by Mike Seed (Isoprime Product Manager). The instrument was prepared for analysis and a large range of standard samples were analyzed overnight giving an excellent data set to provide the basis of discussion for data processing, isotope calibration and interpretation the following day. 

All of the training materials were translated into Chinese by our colleagues at Elementar China which was very welcomed by the customers. 

Given the success and further interest from our customers in China we plan to develop a program of training courses which will be scheduled over the next 1-2 years to ensure that our customers in China are able to push their Isoprime instrumentation to the highest level of performance. 

We would like to thank all of the customers for attending this training course, as well as the CAS Nutrition Institute for the kind use of their facilities. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the next customer training in China!