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20 Years of Learning & Growth in the United States

20th anniversary Elementar Americas

The Elementar roots date back to 1897 in Hanau, Germany—when the technique of elemental analysis was first developed and commercialized by W.C. Heraeus, a leader in the field of high-temperature material work and quartz glass applications.

In 1990, after nearly a century of product development and maturation of the market, the elemental analyzer product line was acquired by Dr. Hans-Peter Sieper, a long-time employee at Heraeus. The newly founded, and independently owned organization was appropriately named Elementar Analysensysteme.

Since 1990, and during Dr. Hans-Peter Sieper’s tenure as President, Elementar has aggressively developed, and brought to market, leading technology in the field of elemental analysis and isotope ratio mass spectrometry—operating with 9 wholly-owned subsidiaries and a growing presence in more than 80 countries worldwide. Part of this rich story includes the establishment of the Americas subsidiary in October 1998.

Richard Jezykowski, the President of Elementar Americas reminisces:

“In 1998, I was just starting my career as a chemist with Stiefel Research Institute (a GSK company). Although I was only finding my way and learning how to be a contributing member of our industry, I do remember quite well what was required of us as scientists. In particular, I recall our work tendencies in the laboratory, what we looked for when selecting a vendor and more importantly, which vendors performed best at meeting our support and service level needs—we wanted to work with those companies and we weren’t afraid to rely on them. These were my formative experiences and the ‘Where were you?’ connection with 1998. I’d like to think that I took these learning experiences with me and that we put them to use each and every day in the commercial world at Elementar—we’re focused on the customer needs and the fundamentals of a successful business.”

This is going to be an exciting year for the Elementar Americas organization—with the celebration of our 20th year in business and with a relocation of the headquarters to New York. Certainly, the 20th Anniversary is something to celebrate—we’re very proud of this milestone and its significance. However, there’s so much more of the story that’s yet to be written.

Join us throughout the year as we update the market on our 20th Anniversary and the developments at the company that will allow us to better serve our customers throughout the Americas.