02/13/2018 - News Elementar Americas

20 years of Elementar Americas – The first steps to success

20th Anniversary Elementar Americas Inc.

Elementar Analysensysteme Germany has its roots in the world’s longest tradition of combustion-type analyzers for the elements C, H, N, O, S. Therefore, its technology was already known in the user circles around the world, respectively, in the academic field.

However, for the rapid development of the newly founded company in 1990 we needed a strategic approach to the key export markets. North America as the world’s largest single market for analytical instruments was served by distributor companies with a focus on petroleum testing.
Consequently, for the better support of a much broader user range the establishment of our own sales company for the Americas became imperative.

We started with just 3 employees on October 8, 1998, in Mt. Laurel, NJ.
Although we had sales partners in some territories, from the beginning our focus was on direct sales, installation, service and application support of our products by our own workforce in the country.
As a prerequisite our first staff had already many years of experience with our products.
Consumables and spare parts supply from the stock in New Jersey was also a matter of course.
Such kind of commitment to our users was the presupposition for a rapid growth of the company. In addition to the already existing business in CHNOS analysis of organic substances our newly introduced line of Dumas-type protein analyzers became very popular in the US. New markets were opened in water analysis and environmental control.

A substantial boost to our product portfolio came in 2008 by adding the instrumentation line of stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) developed and manufactured by our daughter company in Manchester, UK.

At present, the application field for metals is under development based on a highly innovative complete new product line of Elementar.

The combination of permanent innovation based on German technology with dedicated customer support in America is a solid basis for the future growth of Elementar Americas, Inc.