Markets and Applications

Unique Solutions for Each Application

Elementar offers suitable solutions for a wide range of analytical tasks, whether for elemental analysis or stable isotope analysis. Our solutions can be found in industrial laboratories, government and public authority labs, contract laboratories, and research institutes.

No matter what elements, sample size, matrix or amount of ash is targeted, Elementar always provides outstanding, customer-friendly instrument solutions.

Understanding Customer Demands

We always have an open ear for customers, and provide highly competent application support. Our dedicated application laboratory is equipped with all of our current instruments, meaning we will always support the customer’s future analytical challenges in a way that’s fast and non-bureaucratic.

Our experience in application support results in innovative, proprietary features that address the needs of customers to save costs and deliver fast, accurate and sensitive results, and reliable high-quality data.

Icon Chemical


Addressing classical chemical analysis as well as pharmaceutical quality control and medical research.

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Icon agrarian analysis


Providing scientific insight from the farmers field through to final manufacturing processes.

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Icon fuels analysis


Delivering insight from upstream reservoir exploration to downsteam chemical refinement.

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Icon isotope analysis


Giving unique insight into a range of forensic questions such as food adulteration, criminalology and archaeology.

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Icon environmental analysis


Allowing the understanding and protection of our natural environments and resources.

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Icon materials analysis


Enabling quality control in a range of heavy industries where the purity of materials are critical.

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