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Introducing ArDB Software

ArDB is a completely new software product for the stable isotope community. ArDB has been created to extend the envelope of data analysis beyond simply data processing. Perhaps more so than any other analytical technique, stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry is about comparison. Comparisons of one stable isotope to another; comparisons of a sample to a standard, and comparison of unknown samples to known samples within a database. Until now, IRMS manufacturers have concentrated solely on software for control. With ArDB, we provide powerful new stable isotope data analytics tools.

For any sample that is analyzed by IRMS, there will be many parameters that are associated with that sample. For example: latitude & longitude, depth, weight, age,... These are what as known as "metadata" and ArDB allows your calibrated IRMS data to be analyzed in the context of these metadata. Using ArDB it is now possible to recognise patterns in your data, find similar samples, and visualize your data on maps or via discriminant analysis. With this new functionality, ArDB can be used to plan, coordinate and manage your sampling strategies and maintain that all the way through to the final data analysis. 


Read our introductory presentation for more information about ArDB and register your interest to be kept informed about the latest developments.



ArDB is Coming Soon!

Introducing ArDB Presentation
Read our presentation explaining what ArDB is and how it can help your data analytics.