04/28/2017 - News Elementar

Discovering the professional world

During the Girls'Day and Boys'Day, 12 pupils got to know typical careers for men and women at Elementar

Participants of the Girls'Day und Boys'Day 2017 at Elementar

At the Girls'Day, girls got to know the work in Elementar's construction department

At the Boys'Day, the boys got to know Elementar's administration

Supporting competences and creating equal opportunities in the career choice of girls and boys: these are the aims of the Girls'Day and Boys'Day which took place throughout Germany yesterday.

Elementar also participated in this Future Day and welcomed 12 pupils between eleven and 15 years old, who were able to exchange their classrooms for a day at the Elementar headquarters in Langenselbold. During this day, the boys and girls had the unique chance to get a taste of professions in which their own sex is still underrepresented. At Elementar, eight girls discovered professions like Specialist for Warehouse Logistics, Mechatronics Technician, or Physics Laboratory Technician. Four boys could experience what it means to work as an Industrial Clerk.

While the girls were busy commissioning goods, manufacturing bracelets made of wire, or analyzing samples of soil and water which they brought from home, the boys wrote a blog article about the Girls'Day and Boy's Day during their stay in the Marketing Department - read the whole article here: blog.elementar.de/blog/2017/04/28/girls-day-and-boys-day-2017

It was pleasant to meet such enthusiastic pupils and to see how motivated they performed the tasks we prepared for them. We look forward to next year, when we will be pleased to open for the Girls and Boys Future Day again.