Environmental Analysis

elementar Enviromental Total Organic Carbon Analysis Symbol
Soil Organic Carbon and Total Organic Carbon in Water/Wastewater

Agronomists study soil organic carbon for many reasons–carbon holds many nutrients, buffers against changes in pH and contributes to soil health. By binding carbon to soil particles, less carbon is released to the atmosphere. Soil extracts are no problem with the vario TOC Cube Analyzer. Our patented catalyst protection device keeps harmful salts away for long combustion tube life. Nitrogen in soil extracts can also be studied using a TNb detector.
elementar’s vario TOC Cube Analyzer is the only TOC analyzer with both automated liquid and solid autosamplers .
More convenient than measuring BOD or COD, total organic carbon measurements allow wastewater treatment plants to prevent excess carbon from entering the ecosystem. With a TNb detector, nitrogen can be analyzed more easily than using Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen.
TOC measurements are important to drinking water plants so they can avoid disinfection byproducts.
Scientists track organic carbon in ocean waters to monitor ocean absorption of CO2. Isoprime 100 IRMS with an IsoTOC Cube Analyzer make measuring isotopes of dissolved organic matter in seawater accurate and reproducible.
Engineers can use elemental carbon measurements as a way to monitor conditions when incinerating solid waste. The vario Max C Analyzer can differentiate between elemental and organic carbon.